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Development-oriented countries with large population often enjoy high labour force participation rate, great military strength and fire power; as well as an actual and potential large market; ultimately resulting to a huge GDP which translates into improved infrastructure, healthcare service delivery, access to quality education and human capital development. The same cannot be said about Nigeria; the most populous black nation blessed with vast oil wealth & invaluable natural resources, bountiful human resources, favourable climate and fertile land. In 2014, the country was declared as the biggest economy in Africa when it rebased its GDP to $510 billion. Yet, the GDP has lacked depth in jobs, inequality reduction and safety net programs, thus leading to greater socio-economic vulnerabilities in the country.

Poor investment in the nation’s critical infrastructure and underinvestment in health care, education, social investment programme has degenerated the giant of Africa to a mere shadow of what the country should have been; and

resulted to brain drain, unemployment & underemployment, high morbidity/mortality rate, increase in armed conflict and insurgency, amongst others. All these has culminated into the country being crowned as world’s capital for poverty in 2018. A report by IMF (2018) stated that Nigeria has 87 million people in extreme poverty, and the number of Nigerians living in extreme poverty increases by six people every minute.

The biggest challenges that face Nigeria cannot be solved by the government, a single organization or a single group of people in the country. To tackle today’s most pressing concerns in Nigeria, all stakeholders in the country must come together for good to create innovative solutions to today’s problems. That’s why Habeeb Okunola Foundation was founded and registered as a Non-Profit Organisation in Nigeria, to throw its weight and resources behind community-based approaches aimed at solving social issues using sustainable models.

Who We Are

Habeeb Okunola Foundation is a humanitarian organisation established to alleviate the plight of the less privileged in Nigeria and across Africa. The foundation; which is the brainchild of astute businessman and philanthropist, Alhaji Habeeb Olalekan Okunola is dedicated to fostering socioeconomic empowerment of Nigerians belonging to different age group via providing sustainable solutions that seeks to bring an end to extreme poverty and improve wellbeing of undeserving poor in Nigeria and across Africa.

Living up to its motto” empowerment is the proof of wealth” and bearing at its core; a mission to enhance the everyday lives of the less privileged. Habeeb Okunola Foundation works with the poorest communities in Nigeria and across Africa to improve health care, promote quality education, enhance rural livelihoods via financial inclusion (training, microcredit and market access), as well as Increase access to clean water in remote communities. Other areas of interest the foundation freely deploy its resources are prison reforms and Humanitarian support.

Foundation Outlook

Our Vision & Our Mission

Mission: To consolidate government’s effort in achieving sustainable development that tackles poverty, health care issues, and social injustice in undeserving communities.

Vision: We envision a more equitable Africa where everyone can participate and thrive socio-economically.

Habeeb Okunola / Founder

We Are Professional

We take ownership of and responsibility for tall the work we undertake, inculcating high levels of thoughtfulness, with good impulse control, conscientiousness and goal-directed behaviours.

We Are Impact Driven

We do not just dwell on good intentions alone, we strive to lay out short and long-term goals; set specific benchmarks, implement activities to meet those goals, and follow through to achieve them.

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We Serve With High Spirit

Being a stakeholder in the Habeeb Okunola Foundation means you’ll be part of something genuinely special and provide you with access to resources that will help you grow and develop. They include:

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